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Why Rent for Us

  1. You’ve our 12 years health experience with Activated Oxygen to optimise your experience
  2. All our machines contain only the most up-to-date therapeutic technology
  3. You choose your rental period duration
  4. Rental refund on purchase price of new Vital Air machine – 2 months off!
  5. We charge rental fees monthly, rather than all upfront
  6. At minimum a one month rental fee deduction if you go on to purchase a secondhand machine from us.
  7. All Airnergy / Vital Air accessories included in rental price (air filters and nasal cannulas)
  8. No extra VAT on top of these published prices
  9. We are happy to rent internationally* *NB International fees apply
  10. We also supply brand new Airnergy and Vital Air Accessories

Activated Oxygen Therapy Rental Fee

- Rental Process.Confirm your method of payment – bank transfer, cash on delivery, Credit card via Paypal, or cheque – and read through the rental agreement.

Arrange a convenient delivery date with us, for one of our practitioners to bring your machine and start your Ac Oxygen Therapy experience!Delivery Day! –

Sign and keep a copy of the rental agreement, give us one to keep for our records too.

Go through set up of your chosen device in your own home, then undergo a supervised first treatment session with our experienced practitioner.Begin your personalised daily usage schedule of treatment, knowing you can email us or call any time with any queries you may have.Build up your Activated Oxygen Therapy use and start to see the benefits,

then work on optimising your experience via your scheduled monthly support call to us- Rent Packeg Detail.-

Bipap machine- Cpap machine- Oxygen cylinder small- Oxygen cylinder Medium- Oxygen cylinder Large- Oxygen machine 5 litter- 10 litter- Icu bed- Other

DeviceDevice PeriodRental Fee
Philips Oxygen Machine 1 – 12 months Contact us
Bipap Machine 1 – 12 months Contact us
cpap machine 1 – 12 months Contact us
Other Device  1 – 12 months Contact us